Tip 1

If you want us to tell the story of your day in an artistic manner you will need to trust us, and if we have your trust, we do not take it lightly. We work extremely hard, shooting an unlimited number of photos for an unlimited amount of time to make sure that every detail and all the emotions and moments are captured as they happen. We are skilled in anticipating and seeing these moments. So, forget extensive lists of the shots that you want captured as this is counter intuitive to our creative flair. We would hate to forever have our heads buried in a list to ensure all the photos have been captured instead of looking around for the natural moments. The more you let our creative juices flow the better the images and album will be!


It sounds so simple, but just letting yourself relax, being in the moment, and enjoying what’s happening on your wedding day will make for better photographs. Let us work our magic - trust our vision while you have fun making memories you’ll cherish for years to come. If something doesn’t go quite to plan don’t sweat it - let the flower girl have a melt down, let it rain……these moments will all make for a unique day, great images and an amazing story. Let go of all the stress and planning - just have fun, relax and relish it all. Your day should be cherished for a lifetime.


Many couples are opting to go for unplugged weddings, making sure their family and friends get to witness the once in a life time moments of the day with their own eyes rather than from behind the screen of a smart phone or some other piece of technology. This usually has us jumping for joy - not because we are egotistical (we are pretty confident our photos will be of a much better quality than ‘Uncle Bobs’) but because there is much less risk of guests compromising the professional images you are paying for - there is nothing worse than a flash going off during the one and only ‘kiss’ or someone jumping in front as your dad gives you a hug after he has taken you on that walk down the aisle. So, encourage your guests to truly be present and let us focus on telling your story.



Engagement sessions are wonderful ways to practice being photographed and a great opportunity to get comfortable with your us and with having your picture taken. This may sound silly in a world full of selfies and Instagram, but having a photographer point a big camera at you can be a little overwhelming for some. It’s also a fantastic way to get to know our style of interacting with you and we will teach you some tricks to look good and make things more natural. Bonus points for turning the engagement shoot into a makeup and hair trial run – you’ll have your look and confidence nailed for the big day.


One of the most important ingredients for amazing photographs is being able to photograph in the best light. We love the beautiful light created by the ‘golden hour’ - that time when the sun is going down - it gives images a warmth and softness that just can’t be created at mid day in the height of summer. When planning your day think about scheduling things a little later so we can make the most of it! You may also want to schedule some time in the evening after the sun has gone down to get some special night shots - we love these. Whether it’s some old fashioned lamps or a spot lit tree around the venue, sparklers, fairy lights or paper lanterns, light up your night in style and give us time to capture it all!


Your day will fly by in a flash - honestly! So, why not fill it to the brim with lots of little things that will be remembered in the years to come. Consider a first look, talk to Suzanne about ideas for writing your own vows, a letter to read when you wake up, leave a special gift. When it comes to your photographs at the end of the afternoon and it’s just the two of you - show us your love! Interact with each other and imagine we aren’t there - hold each other, touch each other, whisper sweet nothings - this will help to create amazing images and make your time alone together special. Stay together at the reception, spend time chatting to friends and family together and of course dance and celebrate with each other.